Planet Spa - Your Wellness Space.

Three Corners Ocean View

Would you like to enjoy a relaxing Massage in Abu Tig Marina right after beach time? Discover Planet Spa, a wellness oasis at Three Corners Ocean View Hotel, comfortably situated in Abu Tig Marina.

Breath in serenity and leave all the stress behind. Relax in a king size jacuzzi while enjoying peaceful spa surroundings filled with hospitality, candle lights and harmonising music. Now you can let your mind wander while we rejuvenate your body and elevate your spirit.

Enjoy our treatments, spa rituals and signature packages, customised to meet your every need and to celebrate any occasion.

Give your holiday that extra sparkle. Visit Planet Spa & experience the best massage in El Gouna!

  • Changing room (female, male).
  • Luxurious and comfortable lockers.
  • 2 showers.
  • Sauna.
  • Steam bath.
  • Whirl pool.
  • Massage area with 3 double treatment rooms.
  • Comprehensive list of massages including hot stone, and herbal massage Relaxation area.
  • Health Club with top of the line equipment.

EL Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

9:00 - 19:30

Mobile: +2 010 2500 1619 + 2 065 340 4295

Aroma Massage "Classic"

During this enchanting wellness massage, you will be pampered with aroma oil, that will relax your body and elevate your soul. Different fragrance blends have stimulating or soothing effect. The choice is Yours. Experience the ancestral aroma healing. Find balance at Planet Spa.

50 mins

Oriental Massage

Experience Oriental Massage - reveal the healing knowledge used for thousands and thousands of years. This special technique deep tissue massage with stretching movements allows deeper pressure on trigger points that will release the tension in your body. Get rid of muscle pain and stiffness now.

50 mins

Four Hands Massage

Surrender yourself to the ultimate bliss while two professional massage therapists use synchronized movements to elevate your massage experience to the best. With this supreme full-body massage you will let go of all the stress and worries.

45 mins

"Anti-Stress" massage

Combining elements of different massage techniques, this soothing massage is structured to your individual needs. Starting from feet and going up to shoulders, neck and head, it will release the tension, revitalize your body, and decrease your stress levels.

50 mins

Slimming Massage

This firm massage focuses on legs, hips, stomach and upper arms, stimulating your lymphatic system and blood circulation. This integrated massage treatment leads to fat cells rupture and acceleration of their burning process.

50 mins

Wellness Massage

A treatment for unlimited well-being. Treat yourself to complete relaxation during a wellness massage with aroma oil of your choice. Your whole body is massaged with pleasant pressure. The treatment includes wonderful head, neck and face massage. To top off the experience, you will enjoy a face-mask.

75 mins

Foot Reflexology Egyptian

Reflexology has a fascinating history from the tombs of Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra to the rediscovery of this lost art in the 1900's. The reflex points are an exact mirror of the human body and include reflexes for every organ, gland and body part.

25 mins

Shiatsu Massage

In Japanese, Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. This treatment is performed through clothes without using oils, while patient lies on a floor mat. Rhythmic pressure restores healthy flow of “ki” energy and corrects imbalances of the body. Please wear comfortable clothes.

50 mins

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga - the technique of caring hands. Gentle, beneficial hands will help you relax and let go. Abhyanga is a wonderful way of reviving and harmonizing body and mind. The whole body is massaged with warm sesame oil, making the tissue firm and smooth. Experience deep relaxation and feel stress disappear.

50 mins

Children's Harmonious Massage

Children want to be pampered too! Harmonious children massage is designed for youngsters up to the age of 12. This exceptional massage strengthens body awareness, improves concentration and good night sleep. Afterwards the children feel relaxed and harmonious.

50 mins

Lomi Lomi for Kids

Hawaiian massage - releases tension. A wonderful aroma of warm coconut oil and a gentle massage let even the youngest guests really relaxed.

25 mins

Shahrazad and Shahryar

An intensive relaxation program for your body, spirit and soul! Designed for couples, Honeymooners or best friends in our private massage room in romantic ambience with Sauna, Steam, and Jacuzzi. Full body coconut scrub, full body chocolate mask and wellness massage.

120 mins

Oriental Harmony for Two

Enjoy undisturbed luxury bath with sound of relaxing oriental music. Breathe deeply during a luxury treatment starting with steam and full body Rhassoul mask. Pamper your skin with a gentle scrub, and allow yourself to immerse in complete bliss during a 60-minute relaxing anti-stress massage.

100 mins

Aphrodite Touch of Beauty

Simply unforgettable sensual experience from head to toe! Exotic coconut milk scrub and full body aroma massage.

80 mins

Chocolate Magic

Treat yourself to the sweetest of experiences. A wonderful fusion of touch, taste and smell. Full body chocolate scrub or chocolate mask, followed by anti-stress massage with chocolate oil.

80 mins

Asian Adventure

A very intensive relaxation program for your body, spirit and soul! Attain natural equilibrium with selected holistic treatments. Refreshing body scrub and Abhyanga massage.

100 mins

Indian Bliss

Ayurveda is timeless - it has existed for over 5000 years, yet it continues to apply to modern day life. This rhythmical and deeply relaxing warm oil rejuvenating massage is great for everyone in need of de-stressing. Your nerves are soothed as you drift into a state of bliss. Abhyanga and Indian head massage with warm sesame oil.

80 mins

Oriental Sweet & Soft

Simple unforgettable sensory experience from head to toe. For Her... Vanilla scrub and full body Egyptian massage. For Him... Peach scrub and full body Egyptian massage. Price per person.

80 mins

Ancient Egyptian Ceremony

Reflexology has a fascinating history from the tombs of Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, to rediscovery of this lost art in the 1900's. Inspired by ancient beauty secrets, it helps to detoxify the body and to reveal your inner beauty. Rhassoul bath ritual and Egyptian massage with foot reflex.

80 mins

Rhassoul Bath Ritual (for two)

The oriental Rhassoul Bath ritual is a combination of a steam bath, body scrub, and clay mask, which promotes blood circulation and deeply hydrates the skin. Imagine you and your partner or choicest friends painting mud on each other. Then shower away the clay leaving skin soft, smoothed and cleansed.

30 mins